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One of my favorite beads. Everytime I
wear this people say, "Oh, what an
unusual stone! It's pretty!"

A scarab pendant. Another one of my favorite pendants. I wore this for years without every taking it off (except bathing).

A Mokume Gane type bead.
Too bad you can't see the depth of the piece.

I was playing with the chatoyance in
the metallic clays and liked the result
so made a little pendant.
This now has a very thin black border
around it.

A nice bright green 'donut' bead.

A mirror image focal bead.

Another mirror image bead.

Some 'chiclet' styled beads.

A mini Altoid tin covered in clay.

A 6 sided container.
The picture was taken before I completed it. The lid would have had a black trim around the edge similar to what is around the bottom of the container. There would be a knob at the top/center of the lid. And of course sanded and polished up all shiny. :-)

The side of a 'mother-of-pearl'
type box I was making.

Playing with the 'mica shift' technique that uses the natural chatoyance of the metallic clays to change the 'color' of the visible surface of the clay

I saw this on a craft show (Carol Duvall?)
but they used cloth covered cardboard.
It's a little sewing kit. You use the ribbon to hold in little embroidery scissors, thread cards, needles, etc. I thought it was pretty neat so I made one out of clay.

A faux abalone mosaic egg.

A faux abalone mosaic egg I made for a book.
It came out a little dark, but I had no more money to go get more clay and I had a fast approaching deadline.
I really wish I could have done it over.

A faux abalone mosaic egg I made for
a book, like the egg above.
It also came out a little too dark.
This is a picture before sanding and polishing.

Spiral 'mosaic' style egg.

I made this for my mother. It's her 'vacation' egg. She always says she wants to go to Bora Bora, which I can't afford, so I made her this instead.

I made this for my grandfather. He was a bricklayer by trade and loved to garden at home.

I was trying my hand at landscape canes. It was supposed to be a sunset colored sky and clouds with dark mountains. It looks more like some alien landscape, haha. But I liked it anyway so used it on this egg.

This egg always makes me think of weddings and lace. I discovered that using a wooden egg as the center just doesn't work out well. The wood swells and contracts and that cracks the clay.

A floral 'mosaic' egg.

Covered in a spiral cane. I had not sanded and polished this at the time I took this picture. I should do that one of these days.

An old floral egg. I actually made this from Sculpey 3. It was soooo hard to work with!

A floral egg.

A little dragon I made out of metallic clay.

Another dragon made out of metallic clay.

Another metallic clay dragon. I made this
one for my sister to sit on her monitor.

A little black dragon I tried my hand at.

An asian style dragon.

A little red dragon.

Some little figurines.

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